Polyester -- in Odorama!

Enhanced with Odorama™ technology that enables you to scratch and sniff along

All attendees will receive scratch and sniff 'Odorama' cards. Just follow the onscreen instructions and you will actually smell the filth!

Co-Presented by THEMUSEUM.

"John Waters' first 'mainstream' film stars Divine as a suburban housewife who is driven to the point of distraction by her family and her surroundings and is susceptible to the overtures of the handsome drive-in owner played by Tab Hunter. In addition to scoring Hunter to star in his movie, Waters released the film in Odorama with scratch and sniff cards that contained such odors as human fecal smells and other bodily aromas. In an interview with the Austin Chronicle, the director described how he felt upon seeing an audience of people all dutifully scratching off their cardboard fart smells: 'The thrill of actually seeing people doing it and having it work was certainly one of the high points of my life.'" (Marjorie Baumgarten, Austin Chronicle)

Enhanced with Odorama™ technology that enables you to scratch and sniff along with Francine, Polyester is one of Waters’ most hilarious inventions, replete with stomach-churning smells, sadistic nuns, AA meetings, and foot stomping galore.


"Polyester is definitely one of Waters's best films, and I highly recommend attending an 'Odorama' screening for a unique night at the movies." - Electric Sheep


No screenings currently scheduled.

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