The Last Black Man in San Francisco

"The Last Black Man in San Francisco is a poetic and picturesque ode to the title city, to friendship and to the universal urge to find a place to call home." - Toronto Star

“Director Joe Talbot and actor Jimmie Fails, besties since childhood and the most impressive of filmmaking newcomers, expressively co-write (with Rob Richert) one of the year’s most vivid and satisfying movies.

“San Franciscans to the core, they draw upon Fails’ family memories, blending images and music for a bittersweet tribute to their hometown via the disputed ownership of a Victorian house in the city’s storied Fillmore District.

“Jonathan Majors co-stars as Montgomery, ‘Mont’ for short. He’s Jimmie’s closest friend, an artist and aspiring playwright who wants to capture the sound and soul of the city, at a time when gentrification threatens to smother the past, by equating ‘old’ with ‘bad.’

“Cinematographer Adam Newport-Berra slo-mos and Steadicams past such memorable characters as a bus-stop nudist and a street gang that’s more like a debating society.

“The winner of two major prizes at Sundance 2019, The Last Black Man in San Francisco also has one of the year’s best lines about everybody’s mixed emotions about personal geography: ‘You don’t get to hate it unless you love it.’” - The Toronto Star


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