A Clockwork Orange: Presented on 35MM!

Revisit the iconic and disturbing vision of the future from master Stanley Kubrick on 35mm!

Presented on 35mm!

The one and only. Banned in Britain (by the director himself) for 27 years, A Clockwork Orange is now regarded as an undisputed classic. Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Anthony Burgess' novel is an operatic riot of language, style, and biting satire, with a legendary Wendy Carlos/Beethoven soundtrack.

In a futuristic Britain, a gang of thugs (droogs) controlled by one young man, Alex, run rampant - perpetrating rape, muggings, beatings galore. Eventually Alex is captured, subjected to experimental treatment to cure him of his anti-social tendencies, and released back into polite society...

"A merciless, demoniac satire in the future imperfect." - TIME Magazine

"At once [Kubrick's] most thematically problematic film and his most unforgettably sensational." - Village Voice

"Made in 1971, based on a novel from 1962, A Clockwork Orange resonates across the years." - Empire Magazine


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