Alan Partridge

“Buffoonish DJ Alan Partridge, one of Steve Coogan and the BBC’s finest comic creations, makes an effortless transition to the bigscreen in Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, a scissor-sharp comedy of ineptitude and failure.
“In Britain, Alan Partridge is a full-on phenomenon, a fictional celebrity whose catchphrases, mangled metaphors and social ineptitude are the stuff of legend and good ratings. He first appeared as an inept sports reporter on BBC Radio 4 in 1991 before going on to host his own parody talkshow. Since that early ’90s highpoint, Partridge’s career, at least within the fictional universe around him, has been in precipitous decline. Things reached a nadir in 1997 when he was fell back on a DJ gig at a local station in his hometown, Norwich.
“Alpha Papa finds Partridge at North Norfolk Digital Radio, where he presents his “Mid-Morning Matters,” a blend of inane chat and easy listening. But when the station comes under the ownership of conglomerate Gordale Media, Alan, rightly fearing that he could be laid off, talks the new executives into firing his sad-sack colleague Pat Farrell (Colm Meaney) instead. Pat goes postal and takes all of the station’s employees hostage. Alan is chosen to go back into the station as mediator. Soon Alan begins to enjoy his newly invigorated celebrity status and seeks to parlay it into career advancement.
“The filmmakers here have  opted to retain the kind of humor and domestic settings that made the earlier work successful. The film has the same verite vibe of the earlier TV shows. The jokes are mostly situational and verbal, and at their best hinge on Alan’s knack for saying offensive things while being entirely unaware that anyone might object. Coogan, who’s lived inside this character’s skin for 22 years or so, is in top form here.” - Leslie Felperin, Variety 


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