Angry Inuk

Northern Perspectives. Winner of Audience Award at Hot Docs and TIFF Top 10. "Angry Inuk imparts important information about an issue we tend to think we know everything about and delivers a powerful emotional punch." - NOW

“‘At some point in my childhood, I realized there are some people out there who don’t like seal hunting.’ That’s from Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, an Inuk filmmaker whose important documentary Angry Inuk is a dignified response to those who oppose seal hunting but willfully ignore the fact that international bans on seal products severely inhibit the subsistence hunting vital to Arctic communities.

“Arnaquq-Baril narrates the film with focused, level-headed passion (and occasional wry humour). She simply wishes to confront the well-funded anti-sealing campaigners who, it is strongly suggested, raise money under false pretenses and with loud, celebrity-driven messaging. ‘How does a culture with an understated anger,’ the filmmaker asks, “confront a group that is exactly the opposite?’ It’s a good question – one that her film deftly answers as it simultaneously cuts sharply into the ethics of activism over all.” - The Globe and Mail


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