"Mads Mikkelsen's virtuoso performance as a downed pilot trying to survive in the harshest of environments is the warm heart of this ice-cold killer of a movie." - Rolling Stone  “It’s eyeball-freezing cold up there in the Arctic. You can feel it in this movie’s bones. Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen does wonders with the role of Overgård, the downed pilot of a small cargo plane who’s awaiting a rescue that may never come. Overgård doesn’t bang on about his troubles. He just gets the job done, carving a giant SOS in the snow and poking holes in the ice to catch fish that he carries back to the fuselage where he filets and serves the dish (it’s arctic trout) like a master sushi chef. Arctic, a potent feature-directing debut for Joe Penna, is compellingly practical about showing what it takes to stay alive in the frozen wilderness. (Iceland filled in for the North Pole.)

“With the invaluable help of cinematographer Tomas Orn Tomasson and composer Joseph Trapanese, Penna builds suspense and nerve-frying tension using the basic tools of composition and camera placement.” - Rolling Stone


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