Bon Cop Bad Cop 2

"The long-anticipated sequel to buddy-cop comedy Bon Cop, Bad Cop reunites Patrick Huard and Colm Feore as odd-couple lawmen; not only is it very good, it's also trés bien." - Toronto Star

"Osti de tabarnak de calice, it’s taken a bloody long time to produce a sequel to Bon Cop Bad Cop. But Patrick Huard and Colm Feore are finally back this summer and, happily, they bring with them a more mature comedy than the original.

"Back in 2006, the bilingual buddy movie was something of a Canadian phenomenon. Starring Huard as the foul-mouthed, protocol-allergic Montreal cop David Bouchard and Colm Feore as his by-the-book Anglo colleague Martin Ward. Bouchard and Ward have moved on in their lives while Huard and Feore have deepened the characters. The craziest member of the Sûreté du Quebec has reunited with his ex-wife and seems at relative peace with himself and the world, perhaps because he’s able to exorcize all his wilder instincts gleefully stealing cars: Bouchard has gone undercover to break up a ring run by a local mobster.

"Ward, on the other hand, seems repressed and embittered and so, while Huard successfully softens his lovable character, Feore makes his harder and realer, turning Ward’s comic Anglo reserve into genuine darkness. Feore is still playing Huard’s straight man, but this time the balance between the two characters is more equal – and more interesting.

"Since we saw him last, Ward has moved from the Ontario Provincial Police to the RCMP and he blunders into Bouchard’s undercover operation with his own federal bust of the car-theft ring; the two start working together again, trying to track a terrorist plot that leads from the mobster’s stolen cars to the side entrance of the U.S. consulate.

"Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 is a solid entertainment where comedy, action and some genuine heartache mix rather successfully. All the Anglo-Franco stuff is still there as Bouchard and Ward butt heads bilingually, but this time the real target is the United States as the film spoofs American paranoia and ignorance. Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 is the rare follow-up that does not suffer sequel-itis: It’s a movie that develops a franchise rather than just cashing in on it." - Kate Taylor, Globe & Mail


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