Treat your dad for Father's Day! June 15 Screening - Father's Day Special 2 for 1 Advance Admission: $10

Toronto Star critic Peter Howell will be in attendance to talk about the film at the June 15 screening

Special Harold Ramis tribute screening.

“Caddyshack, the newest Animal House spinoff, is this summer's Meatballs, a movie that tears the lid off the apparently placid life at a WASPy country club to expose bigotry, ignorance, lust and a common tendency to cheat on the golf course.
“The film is the first to be directed by Harold Ramis, who wrote this script with Douglas Kenney and Brian Doyle-Murray, who is a brother of star Bill Murray. In addition to Mr. Murray, who plays the country club's slobbish assistant greenskeeper, the cast includes Michael O'Keefe, as the principal caddie; Ted Knight as the club's most starchy member; Chevy Chase as a playboy so nonchalant he seems not to be in the movie but just sort of visiting it, and Rodney Dangerfield as the club's nouveau riche boor, an endearing loudmouth.
“Caddyshack is a pleasantly loose-limbed sort of movie. Mr. Murray reminds me of an usually clean-cut, buttoned-down type of suburban fellow who, after two or three stiff drinks, delights his pals with his uninhibited impressions of slobs and boors. You don't for a minute believe him - you are always aware of the distance between the performer and the performance, but you appreciate the effort and the intelligence behind it.” - NY Times 1980


No screenings currently scheduled.

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