Comic Book Confidential

Special Guests in attendance! Intro and Q&A with director Ron Mann and award-winning cartoonist, Joe Ollmann! Co-presented by AGH

“The people behind Spider-Man, Captain America and other comic book heroes resemble Clark Kent in real life. They are calm, reasonable, respectable-looking people whose fantasies and superhuman powers are released in the Zap! Pow! Gasp! of their work. In Comic Book Confidential, Ron Mann's look through 50 years of American comic books, these artists and writers recall the origins of their work and read snippets of their stories.

“The camera zooms in on characters from superpowered patriots to counterculture con men, sometimes setting them in motion in styles that suit their eras.

“Among the 22 artists and writers interviewed, William M. Gaines comes to embody comic-book history itself. He describes his father folding up the Sunday funnies and selling them for a dime - the makeshift origins of the comic book. We see the effects, in film of Mr. Gaines testifying in 1954 before the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency, which was considering the proposition that comic books were corrupting America's youth.” - The New York Times

Stan Lee, Frank Miller, Jack Kirby, William M. Gaines, Lynda Barry, Charles Burns, Robert Crumb, Art Spiegelman, Will Eisner, Harvey Pekar, Sue Coe, Al Feldstein, Shary Flenniken, Bill Griffith, Jaime Hernadez,  Harvey Kurtzman, Paul Mavrides, Victor Moscoso, Francaise Mouly, Dan O’Neill,  Gilbert Shelton, Spain.


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