"A ridiculously good time at the movies." "An infectious zombie treat...should be your next midnight movie." - Red Eye

“Cooties is horror comedy done right. It’s laugh out loud funny but never shies away from the gory, violent bits involving adults and children.

“It starts with an opening credit montage (complete with a peppy score) exploring how chicken nuggets come to your plate. From a live chicken to school lunch, we see the bird killed, plucked, processed, ground up, reformed into a patty, etc, but the chunk of flesh we’re following has a surprise in store for the little girl who bites into it. She gets sick and bites another student, and the virus quickly spreads throughout the already very susceptible school population.

“The film wisely takes time to setup and introduce the various teachers before the carnage begins, and it’s a wonderfully motley crew. Clint (Elijah Wood) is the new substitute teacher. Lucy (Alison Pill) is an old classmate (and crush) of Clint’s, and she teaches there alongside her current boyfriend, Wade (Rainn Wilson) the gym teacher. Jack McBrayer, Nasim Pedrad, Jorge Garcia, and Leigh Whannell round out the gang. The cast is uniformly strong across the board. Wood, Pill, and Wilson all getting their time to shine.

“First-time feature directors Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion deliver a bright, highly energetic movie that manages to find the sweet spot of films featuring kids and extreme violence. Cooties is a ridiculously good time at the movies for viewers who like their laughs with a side of disembowelment. You wouldn’t want to catch cooties, but you should most definitely make a date to catch Cooties.” - Film School Rejects

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