Drunken Birds

"A drug-cartel worker runs afoul of his boss and migrates to Canada, in Ivan Grbovic’s timely tale of star-crossed love and starting over." - TIFF

Willy's quest to find his long-lost love Marlena has brought him from Mexico to Canada, as a seasonal worker at the Becotte farm. Multiple destinies intersect, moments of magic realism arise, worlds collide, and tensions swell amidst the long days of labor.

"Weaving through the intersection of love, desperation, and the harsh realities of globalized labour, Drunken Birds reveals the humanity at the heart of all work, and how the tenuous relationships between employee and employer can quickly transform into exploited and exploiter." - TIFF

"With Drunken Birds, Grbovic continues to play with the thin line between reality and fantasy in a sweeping tale of migration and lost love." - Hollywood Reporter

"Drunken Birds puts audiences in a direct encounter with the Canada we often choose not to see." - That Shelf


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