Early Man

"Early Man, the latest animated feature from the Aardman studio's star director Nick Park, is about as warming, homey and distinctly British as a mug of hot, sweet, milky tea on a rainy day." - Hollywood Reporter

March Break Matinees! - All seats $5 (until Mar, 16). "Aardman Animation is back on the big screen! This time out, the folks behind the beloved claymation characters WALLACE & GROMIT and SHAUN THE SHEEP give us the story of Dug (Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne(!)), an adventurous young caveman and his best friend Hognob, a hog, of course.

"The pair are on a mission. They’ve got to save their tribe and their home from the wicked, snooty Lord Nooth (THOR’s Tom Hiddleston (!!)), who’s exiled them to a wasteland ruled by a giant, razor-toothed duck. How? By defeating Nooth’s champions in the newly dawned Bronze Age’s greatest contest of skill and strength: SOCCER.

"Like the studio's Oscar-winning CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT, EARLY MAN is a skillful blend of heart, action, and comedy. Redmayne heads an incredible voice cast that also includes GAME OF THRONES star Maisie Williams and the HARRY POTTER franchise’s Timothy Spall. Hiddleston, in particular, is delightfully smarmy and vile. And Aardman have pushed their gorgeous claymation to a new scale of beauty and complexity. In other words? EARLY MAN has something for everyone. Families. Animation lovers. Cavepeople. Heck, even soccer fans" - Alamo Drafthouse


No screenings currently scheduled.

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