Director Terrance Odette in attendance Dec 10 & 11

Father Sam Ryan, (Michael Murphy), an aging Roman Catholic Priest living contentedly at a Niagara Falls parish, receives a letter forcing his complacent life into a downward spiral. The letter, from "Christopher," confronts him about an incident that happened 40 years ago. Father Sam was a young, charismatic priest, serving a remote, Northern Ontario parish. Christopher was a 14-year-old adolescent, whom Sam mentored. The letter asks Father Sam for the truth: what did take place all those years ago? Were lines blurred or crossed? What choices were made?

Forgiveness, redemption and sin are the dominant themes of Terrance Odette’s (Heater, Saint Monica) latest feature. All the characters encountered by Father Sam—through his parish duties and from his suppressed past—force him into deeper reflection: Chelsea, a restless bride-to-be; Michael, a repentant addict; Reza, a gay Iranian grieving his recently deceased mother; Sheila, Sam’s free-spirited, benevolent sister; and, finally, Catherine, the shattered wife of enigmatic Christopher. Now haunted by his memories, for the first time in his life Sam is compelled to reconcile himself more than just as a priest… but as a man, as well. Did a sexual encounter happen? Can a moral custodian of the faithful, a dispenser of God’s grace, transcend his own fall?



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