Green Book

Winner of 3 Oscars! Best Picture; Best Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali); Best Original Screenplay. Winner of 3 Golden Globes: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay. "Green Book is a road movie, a buddy comedy and a prestige studio release all at once. You get to watch Viggo Mortensen (Captain Fantastic) and Mahershala Ali (Moonlight) exist together, from one moment to the next, giving performances so textured and alive that they knock Peter Farrelly’s movie from 'pretty good' to 'goddamn transcendent.'

"Ali is Don 'Doc' Shirley, the renowned jazz pianist; Mortensen is Tony Vallelonga, the small-time New York hustler Shirley hired to drive him through the Deep South on tour in the fall of 1962. Shirley was a cultured Black man who lived above Carnegie Hall; Vallelonga was an Italian guy from the Bronx. They’re the original odd couple, and the movie plays it for all it’s worth. Doc bristles at Tony’s diction, Tony bristles right back at Doc’s snobbery. But darn it all if they weren’t the best of friends by the end of the trip.

"Like I said, there’s never any doubt where Green Book is heading, and director Farrelly – who shares script credit with Tony’s son Nick and Brian Hayes Currie – makes sure it gets there as smoothly as possible.

"And while I suspect he simply got out of Mortensen and Ali’s way and let them figure out their chemistry and their timing on their own, that’s the smartest thing he could have done.

"It’s a pleasure to watch them electrify this movie, and each other. Anyway, here’s your People’s Choice Winner." - NOW Magazine


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