"You may never trust trick-or-treaters again after this movie." Directed by the iconic Bruce McDonald

“Dora (Chloe Rose) is home alone on Halloween. When three kids show up at her door in masks, she thinks they are regular trick or treaters. Despite Dora giving them candy, they come back to keep terrorizing her. At first it’s normal stuff like egging and pumpkin smashing, but it evolves into a much stranger assault from demons who clearly have supernatural powers.

“Hellions gradually transitions into nightmare logic, where the rules of time and space don’t apply. The color shifts to sepia, we see kaleidoscope imagery, and Dora ends up in a completely strange world for the climax. Editing even changes the logic of continuity. The lack of logic is always the scariest part of nightmares anyway, that you can’t even count on basic physics to apply, so it’s a good approach to the film’s horror. That makes Hellions certainly unsettling, if not terrifying.

“Director Bruce McDonald elevates his craft exponentially. Hellions allows him to manipulate all of our senses. Hellions will give you a good scare.” - Bloody Disgusting


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