"Luce feels like a rarity. A thriller that succeeds with a relatively small scale. With brilliant performances, it poses questions to its characters and audience that make both feel uncomfortable and question our identities." - Film Inquiry

Sundance favorite Luce is an unnerving psychological thriller that forces us to examine our ideas about race, class, and privilege in America. Featuring a killer ensemble cast (Octavia Spencer, Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, and rising star Kelvin Harrison Jr.), this tense, unnerving psychodrama unspools minute after minute, leaving you wondering who’s guilty, who’s hiding something, and where everything went wrong.

Born in war-torn Africa and raised in suburban Virginia, high school A-student Luce (Harrison) is under a lot of pressure to succeed. His adoptive parents (Roth and Watts) and his teacher Mrs. Wilson (Spencer) expect a lot from him, and as a star athlete and captain of the debate club, he delivers. But when he turns in a controversial paper about violence and his teacher finds illegal fireworks in his locker, doubt gets cast on how perfect he really is.

With expert performances all around, this gripping adaptation from J.C. Lee's off-Broadway sensation will linger in your mind long after the curtain falls.


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