Phantasm - 40th Anniversary

Playhouse of Horrors

“An incoherent but effective horror picture on the dreams-within-dreams theme as two teenagers discover that the local mausoleum is run by an extra-dimensional psychopath who has been killing people, shrinking their corpses into dwarf-sizes, stuffing them in yellow barrels, and shipping them back to his home world for revival as zombie labour.

“It deliberately makes no sense, but it has more bizarro gimmicks to the minute than any other horror picture of 1979, including the flying silver balls that bore into your forehead and redistribute your blood all over the place through a sprinkler attachment. Angus Scrimm, cast as the Tall Man, is a monster worth his own glow-in-the-dark hobby kit. Extremely gory. Horror fans should delight.” - Empire


No screenings currently scheduled.

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