Rude Boy: Uncut and Restored

New Uncut Restoration

Featuring some of the best In Concert Live footage of The Clash during their 1978 'Sort It out' tour

"Jack Hazan and David Mingay, who made names for themselves with their 1973 docudrama about artist David Hockney, A Bigger Splash, re-teamed in the late ’70s to chronicle a different British sensation: The Clash. At the start of the London-set film we follow aimless Soho sex-shop employee Ray (Ray Gange), whose friendship with Joe Strummer, The Clash’s commanding frontman, brings about an opportunity for Ray to transform from fan to roadie. However, his questionable work ethic⁠ — and politics ⁠— aren’t in step with the band’s plan to rage musically against the growing nationalism of the time. Part-fiction, part-rockumentary, Rude Boy flits between band rehearsals and performances (including The Clash’s set at the 1978 Rock Against Racism concert), real footage of racially-charged riots, and Ray’s antihero antics. The result is a fascinating curio and time capsule of a disharmonious Britain edging its way towards Thatcherism. Above all, Rude Boy, uncut and restored in 2K, is a front-row seat to a pre–London Calling Clash, a.k.a. “The Only Band That Matters.”" - TIFF


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