Strange Brew

“Famous Canadian characters Bob and Doug McKenzie were created and played by comedy greats Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas respectively, as a response to CBC telling SCTV that it had to have more explicit Canadian content on the show. So Moranis and Thomas envisioned a couple of moronic, plaid-shirted, beer-swilling, toque-wearing brothers who would inhabit all of the worst stereotypes about Canadians.

“In 1983 the brothers made their big screen debut with Strange Brew, a riff on Hamlet. Bob and Doug drink all of their dad’s beer and have to get him some more, but they give away the money he gave them for it. In their quest, they end up at Elsinore Brewery to talk to the owner. Once there, they get stuck in the middle of a battle of ownership wills between the young daughter set to inherit the company after her father is mysteriously killed and her shady uncle Claude and the evil Brewmeister Smith.

“Bob and Doug are certainly idiots, but they possess an undeniable charm that makes you root for them.” - Toronto Film Scene


No screenings currently scheduled.

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