Oscar-Nominated for 2017 Best Foreign Language Film

“Tanna depicts a land far removed from western society.It’s titled for and filmed in a South Pacific island, in the nation of Vanuatu, where an active volcano rages, patriarchies rule and rival tribes offer brides as peace offerings. Marriage for love is forbidden.This runs counter to the romantic dreams of Wawa and her boyfriend Dain, the chief’s grandson. Like Romeo and Juliet, they dare to challenge the wishes of their parents.

“Aussie co-directors Martin Butler and Bentley Dean prize authenticity over conventional drama. Tanna is based on a true story, and island residents were engaged as actors in the telling of it, using their own languages. Dean and his family lived on the island for most of a year prior to filming.

“The film’s most compelling “character” is the island itself, which Dean, who also worked the camera, unveils with the verdant wonder of a summer morning.” - Toronto Star


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