The Camino Voyage

Oct. 27, 4:40pm. Original. An Epic 2,500 km Modern Day Celtic Odyssey

Special Presentation. Tickets on sale now at Demand Film :


‘Early on in The Camino Voyage writer, poet, adventurer Danny Sheehy says: ‘If you're sensible all the time you'd never do anything.’ He is at that point a man in his sixties sailing in a small boat from Ireland, along the west coast of France and down to Santiago in Galicia with three friends: fellow Kerrymen musician Brendan Begley, stonemason Breandan Moriarty and Kerry adoptee artist Liam Holden.

“They built the naomhog, Naomh Gobnait, themselves and over six weeks in three Mays, from 2014 to 2016, they sailed the 2,500km of the different stretches of the journey. Along the way, they camp, meet people, play music and chat. Donal O'Ceilleachair directs what is, as the Camino is intended to be, much more than just a physical journey. This is the story of an adventure based in Irish traditions and told largely as Gaeilge and it's a pleasure and privilege to get to see people who just do things.’ - Irish Independant


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