The Frankenstein Theory

The Frankenstein Theory does an excellent job at avoiding those downfalls that other found footage films are rife with. Andrew Weiner manages to create a smartly written movie that isn’t necessarily scary but it’s entertaining and fun to play along with.

The “footage” is of a team of documentarians who are following Jonathan Venkenheim into the Arctic Circle. Jonathan is a now disgraced college professor who believes he is a direct  descendent of the basis of the Frankenstein novel. Not only that, but he also theorizes that the monster is real, alive, and living in the barren arctic fields of Northern Canada. He has loads of evidence supporting him, an eye-witness testimony, and even a corroborating number of murders that falls in line with a caribou migratory pattern. If the facts and statistics he presents were real, you would be hard pressed not to believe in the monster. So Jonathan and a small crew of four, plus one ruffian hunter named Carl, make their way into the Canadian wilderness to hunt the creature down.

The movie is insanely well written. Not just the realistic reaction of characters of the hilarious interactions between Carl and sound man Brian, but because it comes across as intelligent and scientifically sound. It’s not some oddball random assortment of words thrown together to create a plot to drag us around into creepy hallways or haunted cemeteries but instead collegiate level psuedo-science fiction with it’s claws buried deep into reality.

The cast is superb. The entire film is incredibly well shot for a found footage flick. Sure, we get the standard night vision green screen, the cameras narrow light running through the dark with a bouncy shaky view, but we also get a number of excellent time lapse sequences and gorgeous Canadian backdrops.

The movie is just hands down fun. It’s full of big words and literary allusions but it’s a joyride that exceeds it’s expectations. With a solid cast, exceptionally talented script, and an exciting background, The Frankenstein Theory is a well needed surprise in a genre full of one note scares.


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The Frankenstein Theory

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