THIRD MOON BREWING PRESENTS: Midsommar - Director's Cut

Third Moon Brewing presents the Director's Cut. 24 extra minutes that recontextualizes the film.

Third Moon Brewing & Playhouse Cinema Present the director’s cut of the acclaimed sophomore feature from Ari Aster (Hereditary).

Exclusive beering offerings from Third Moon Brewing, including a take-out bottle shop!

The film will be presented with a short 10 minute intermission. Event posters will be available to purchase in the lobby.

Pre-order a tall-can of Third Moon 'RISE' New England Style Pale Ale with your ticket!

About the Directors Cut

"Shortly after Midsommar’s theatrical release, Aster revealed that he had an extended director’s cut of the film that he’d like to release. To be clear Aster has said he’s happy with the theatrical cut. The director's cut (which was whittled down from 4 hours) is 24 minutes longer. It’s not different, it’s simply more. But that more does recontexualize a few more things: it apparently makes more sinister both sides opposite Dany—her terrible boyfriend, and the cult. It’s fascinating how a half hour of new footage—none of which consists of alternate openings, endings, or major subplots—can somewhat adjust the thematic resonance of a film, but then again Aster has proven to be a rather masterful filmmaker so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise." - Collider

American grad student Dani (Florence Pugh), grieving after a shocking loss, accompanies her boyfriend and his buddies on their vacation to a tight-knit farming commune in the sunny Swedish countryside. They’ve timed their trip to participate in an extravagant nine-day festival celebrating the summer solstice, with hallucinogenic drugs in abundance and a Nordic sun that hardly seems to set, but things quickly take a dark turn in this singular, unflinching, utterly contemporary entry in the fish-out-of-water folk-horror canon.




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