This is Not a Movie (Playhouse at Home)

"It's not just journalists, especially print warhorses, who will enjoy this account, but also the others who have no idea what it takes to be a newsperson who has dedicated his or her life to the reporting of truth as they see it." - POV

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In his latest documentary, Canadian director Yung Chang ('Up the Yangtze') chronicles the career of British war reporter Robert Fisk.

Investigating “the truth” has never been an easy task. Yet veteran British foreign correspondent Robert Fisk has spent the better part of his career doing just that, from his legendary stint at The Times in the ‘80s to over 30 years with The Independent, where he continues to report on the Middle East. In this immersive tour de force from acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Yung Chang (Up the Yangtze), follow the uncompromising journalist as he fights to capture reality from the frontlines of Syria to Palestinian refugee camps and beyond. A testament to the power of journalism in the age of “fake news,” This is Not a Movie earns its place in Chang’s growing repertoire of incisive films that interrogate the most urgent themes of our time. - Hot Docs



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