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“Ken Russell makes movies the way others might design a ride through a funhouse. He deals in headlong but harmless plunges from giddy heights, abrupt changes of pace, joke turns, anachronistic visual effects, ghouls that pop out of the dark, all accompanied by the sound of a force to loosen one's most firmly rooted back teeth.
“Russell and his method found a nearly perfect match in subject matter, Tommy, The Who's rock opera written by guitarist-composer Pete Townshend. Tommy can take being fiddled with, and Mr. Russell's Tommy virtually explodes with excitement on the screen.

"Tommy is mad, funny, irreverent, very loud and full of the kind of magnificent physical energy that usually wrecks a movie by calling attention to performance. Tommy is a solemn tale that must not be taken too seriously. It's an elaborate put-on about the terrible victimization of a small boy who is traumatized deaf, dumb and blind when he sees his stepfather murder his real father. Young Tommy then goes on to become the pinball champ of the world and, eventually, after he miraculously regains his senses, the new messiah who preaches salvation through pinball playing.” - NY Times


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