Total Recall - 4K restoration

Part of our Sci-Fi Adaptation series

Paul Verhoeven’s adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s short story 'We Can Remember It for You Wholesale' is like RoboCop played at hyper-speed, with its themes of corporate control, memory, and identity delivered in an even faster, funnier, and (thanks to Rob Bottin’s impressively icky makeup effects) gorier package.

2084: Arnold Schwarzenegger is construction worker Douglas Quaid, whose virtual reality vacation to Mars turns into the ultimate head-trip when he discovers that his entire life (including wife Sharon Stone) is a sham based on implanted memories. Jetting off to the real Red Planet to find out the truth, he finds himself on the run through a grungy, capitalist dystopia populated by proletarian mutants. 

"Total Recall is slick, sly and subversive, and if some of the special effects have aged somewhat, that only adds to the charm." - Time Out

"From the outstandingly inventive prosthetics to the nonstop, volatile hullabaloo piled high with death and laugh-out-loud humor, the film is essential science-fiction viewing." - Gone With the Twins

"Verhoeven's version of Philip Dick's story is vigorous, exciting, and inventive sci-fi thriller, combining pulp savviness, ultra-graphic violence, and Oscar-winning special effects." -

"...much more than just an Arnie vehicle, it's got the logic of a bad dream, and that makes for one of the great sci-fi action movies..." -


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