Associate Professor, P. Whitney Lackenbauer, BSIA, UW  and Arctic Defenders film crew in person at May 3 & 4 screening.

Introduction by MP Peter Braid at May 3 screening.

No screenings currently scheduled.

Blood Pressure

Director Sean Garrity will be attending Thursday, May 2 screening

Thom Ernst Host/Producer of TVO Saturday Night at the Movies will be on hand Opening night to introduce both Blackbird and Blood Pressure!

No screenings currently scheduled.


Sarah Polley explores her family history, and the idea of memory.

Stories We Tell makes “documentary” seem the most limiting of labels. Sarah Polley’s brave quest to uncover her family’s deepest secrets unfolds like a thriller, one where the resolution is literally part of her DNA. It’s an intimate story of truth, memory and reconciliation, not just for Polley and her family but also for astonished viewers.

No screenings currently scheduled.

Canada Film Days Closing Night Film - Director Jonathan Hayes, Producer Jane Motz-Hayes and Producer David Miller in person at May 7 & 8 screenings. Introduction by Thom Ernst at May 8 screening.

Closing Night After Party - Ethels Lounge - 114 King St. N. Waterloo

No screenings currently scheduled.

The Manor

“Shawney Cohen calls himself a filmmaker, but he’s actually been a strip club manager for longer. When he was six years old his father bought “The Manor,” a strip club attached to a seedy 32-room motel in Guelph, Ontario. Years later, his father has seen his weight balloon to 400 pounds, while his mother struggles to survive at 85 pounds.

No screenings currently scheduled.

Set in the strange and oppressive emotional landscape of the year 1983, Beyond The Black Rainbow is a Reagan-era fever dream inspired by hazy childhood memories of midnight movies and Saturday morning cartoons.

No screenings currently scheduled.


Birds & Butterflies! See two visually-stunning documentaries for the price of one!

NATURE DOC DOUBLE BILL, presented with support from Bird Friendly Hamilton!

Two visually stunning films that explore the beauty and wonder of flight and migration!

No screenings currently scheduled.


Tribute to the late Jean-Marc Vallée on National Canadian Film Day

On Dec 25, 2021, Canada lost one of its best, most important filmmakers, Jean Marc Vallée. C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005) was his third feature film and the one that put him on the map.

Free screening! Part of National Canadian Film Day.

No screenings currently scheduled.

Frédéric Back Tribute,
Including the Oscar Winner ‘The Man Who Planted Trees’ 

Fundraiser for 10,000 Trees. Presentation by 10,000 Trees Organizers.

Every paid admission will receive a complimentary one-day pass to any GRCA Park.

All proceeds from this event goes to 10,000 Trees for the purchase of trees to plant in the Region.

No screenings currently scheduled.

Canada Film Days Festival 2013

Fight Like Soldiers, Die Like Children

Director Patrick Reed will be appearing at the May 8, 7:00pm screening! Q&A to follow screening.

Advance tickets for the closing night screening now available on Eventbrite

No screenings currently scheduled.

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